Speakers, Performers and Facilitators

Below are this year’s speakers, performers and facilitators reflecting some of the many sparkling facets of Love we have within us. We encourage you feel in your heart whose work resonates with you and explore it further

Maa Parvathi Nandanath Saraswati

Parvathi was born in India into a family with ancient lineage of Yoga and Vedanta. She was formally initiated into the Pratyabhijnana Marga School of Kashmir Shaivism and over the years she received the full transmissions of this tradition integrating them with Yoga, Vedanta and Samaya Tantras.

Parvathi is the disciple of Lalita Devi and heir of the deepest tantric tradition of Kashmirian Shaivism. The lineage of the Nath goes back to Matsyendranath himself and through him to the oldest sources of Shaivism.

Parvathi underwent a beautiful and very strong training immersed in the direct teachings and sadhanas of the Yoginis, the Kaula tradition and she received the transmission of the deepest teachings of the Kaula lineage and became an adept in the art of mantras and the different sadhanas. She practiced the sadhana of the Ten Mahavidyas dedicated to Kali, Tara, Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshvari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Baglamukhi, Matangi and Kamala. Then she was initiated to the teachings and cosmic practice of Shree Vidya that she transmits today. As the years passed she also received training in the Mishra and Samaya schools of Tantra. She is heir to three profound streams of Tantra and Yoga lineage. After extensive training and arduous testing, she was asked to teach by her teachers who themselves are lineage holders. She does this as a yogini sharing the transmissions, but not as a guru.

As well, living a householder's life in the world - as a mother and a yogini - integrating yoga practice daily, has given Parvathi a unique perspective. She weaves the timeless wisdoms and ancient practices and texts into everyday life.

Website: www.parvathinandanath.com

Rita Hraiz

“Having drunk the liquid light the very nectar of the Cosmic Divine Order to so regularly in the last 15 years experienced the Tantric electric fire of bliss atomically through this precious body, I am graced to know the ways of the Yogini on the Tantric path of gratitude and the diamond path of discernment, standing in Tao of inner union and trust all space arises within....

From this place I am inspired to share insight to how to develop our channels ( Nadis) and open the gates of our interdimentional capacity to travel the centre of BEING. So to share my understanding of how through trusting our body wisdom through the path of Harmlessness and selfless service we will be lead home to the very lotus of the Heart”

Rita Hraiz 45 mother of 4 ranging from 25 – 6 years is recognised by several Tibetan Masters as a Tantrika and continues to deepen in the realisations of her previous life trainings, lives in Glastonbury and is active in the community. She also is the founder of Mudra a collection of luxury Cashmere clothing ethically produced and designed to nourish the lightbody as well as the physical through a scientific understanding of colour therapy


Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Ph D

Sarita is author of the books Divine Sexuality and Tantric Love, which are translated into many languages. She is Co-Director of the School of Awakening, based in the U.K. At the age of 17 she was initiated into Tantra in India, with Osho, and remained in his community for 26 years diving deeply into Tantra and personal transformation. She has been teaching Holistic Healing since 1990 and Tantra since 1994. She teaches 7 levels for couples and a series of groups for singles. Once a year, in Dharamsala India, she teaches the Tantra Meditation Retreat, which focuses on the practice of the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Her healing skills include: Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon, Ito Thermie, Ayurvedic Massage, Angelic Reiki & Hypnosis for Healing. The love and bliss she has experienced through her years of Tantra meditation, radiates around her. She is a channel of compassionate wisdom for the evolution of consciousness.

Website: www.schoolofawakening.com


Kip More

Kip hails from a diverse background integrating experiential education, spiritual discovery, personal growth and the ability to play on very deep levels. He has been exploring the tantric yoga of relationship with Lexi since 1995, and brings his joy into teaching both couples and singles. Kip believes expanding ecstasy to be a powerful tool for problem solving in any relationship. He teaches exercises that enable us to uncover our unconscious beliefs so we can move from repression to the expression of our divine uniqueness.
"Tantra has been a path of self discovery, bringing together my shadow and my light. Unearthing parts that were slimy and putrid, I found beneath them my own personal treasures. By embracing my shadow I reclaimed my gifts and revealed my own divine nature.”

Website: www.tantrat.com


Christian Kyriacou

Christian Kyriacou RIBA MCSD Dip BM is a Visionary and international inspirational speaker. He is a chartered Architect, Interior Designer, Film-Maker, Composer, Musician, Feng Shui - Vastu and Geomancy Consultant. He has run his own professional architectural practice since 1970, designing major public projects as well as residential and educational premises. He is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Chartered Society of Designers, International Feng Shui Guild (red ribbon prof) and the Performing Rights Society. His knowledge and inspiration comes from over 39 years of study and practice of Music, Oriental Philosophies, Meditation, Sacred Sound, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Architecture, Geomancy, Vastu and Feng Shui. Sources arise from India, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece, the United Kingdom and other connections. He is the co-founder and teacher of the London School of Feng Shui. Combining this wealth of knowledge, he designs new and adapts existing buildings incorporating feng shui and classical principles of architecture, sacred geometry and proportion, musical ratios, spatial harmonics and energy matrix structures.

Website: www.kyriacou.com


Solara An-Ra

Solara now teaches channeling, healing, manifesting, and Ascension principles and techniques. She is one of those rare spiritual teachers who brings a sense of joy and fun into everything she does.

Solara attained a diploma in Therapeutic Massage in 1987. Since then she has qualified in Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Chakra Healing, Metamorphic Technique, Colour Healing, Sound Healing and Reiki & Seichiem 1 & 2.

Solara works from a holistic viewpoint which encompasses body, mind and spirit. She often combines different therapies within a treatment session, according to the clients needs - e.g. back and neck massage with craniosacral for back problems, or reflexology in pregnancy.

She helps clients with both emotional and physical issues. In her work she aims to create a nurturing environment to encourage personal insight and growth, along with relief from physical pain and stress.

Solara offers courses suitable for total beginners, covering fundamental tools for spiritual connection – breath work, meditation & energy awareness. For those more consciously on their paths, the workshops offer a quantum leap forward.

Website: www.solara.org.uk


Bernadette Vallely

Bernadette Vallely is a community activist, environmentalist, writer and social entrepreneur. She is a United Nations Global 500 Laureate, awarded for her innovative and exceptional work on both Women's' and Environmental issues; and she has written and researched extensively on sacred sexuality and environmentalism for 20 years.

Bernadette Vallely is the founder of Sacred Sex Revival, a modern movement to redefine our understanding of the sexual impulse, and its Sacred place in our lives. It is our divine right to re-connect with the God and Goddess within through Sacred Sex, and we are all programmed to receive and meet our divinity, through joyous ecstatic blissful Sacred Sex.

The intention, through Sacred Sex Revival, is to help us all create and maintain blissful relations with each other, harmony within our most intimate relationships, and peace with ourselves. Sacred Sex encapsulates her idea of a new sexual politic for modern soul searching lovers and planetary healers.

Bernadette Vallely has studied Tantra, Taoism, Celtic sexuality, Yoga and many forms of healing and sexual therapies for thirty years. She is a founder of the London Goddess Temple and the Church of Her Earth. She also is a practitioner of Tantric Kriya Yoga.

Website: www.sacredsexrevival.com


Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams is a powerful natural healer and channel who works in a very intimate way with high angelic frequencies. Her physical and spiritual experiences and her sacred journeys to Peru, Tibet and Mexico have resulted in a profound ability to impart spiritual truth and facilitate Divine connection for those attending her workshops and healing sessions.
Carolyn is a Master Facilitator of the Gaiadon Heart Lightbody activation method and taught the Melchizedek Method prior to this in the 1990’s. She is also a Priestess of the Divine Mother and an Angelic Reiki Master offering inspirational workshops and talks on Earth Healing, Elementals and the Angelic Continuum in Surrey and London.

Website: www.gaiadonheart.com

Cathy Rowan

Cathy trained as a teacher of Chi Kung, Taoist meditation, healing and Tantra at the London Tao Centre. She continued to expand her Tantra training with other teachers and is now an accredited teacher of Ipsalu Tantra and a direct student of yogini Parvathi Nandanath Saraswati.

Her professional interests are to combine energy arts and coaching for personal development and enhanced relationships.

Website: www.passionateawakening.co.uk


Lindel Graham

Lindel Graham is a Master Facilitator of Gaiadon Heart, channelled by Saranya Zaveri. This is a continuation of the Melchizedek Method Hologram of Love, which was brought around the world in 1999 by Alton Kamadon. Lindel has been teaching these wonderful spiritual practices since 2001.

Lindel is a Universal Priestess of the Goddess, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. She is an Aura-Soma Practitioner and does Colour Healing using a Beamer Light Pen. She has studied Levels 1 and 2 of Divine Healing Master Key and is currently learning The Reiki of Atlantis channelled by Edwin

Website: www.gaiadonheart.com


Heather Golding

My voice and improvised singing, along with the circles, is inspired by the harmonious flow of the earth – I feel an incredible connection with creation, a feeling of oneness, and my song, heard differently by each person, is the language of the universe, of the soul.

In 1991 I graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a First class Honours Degree in Printed Textiles and was awarded the Francis Newbury Medal ,for the most inovative designer of the year. Moving to London to live my dream as a designer, life revealed it had a different path for me. In 1993 my daughter Mia was born. Following her arrival I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner in 1996.

I was then awoken to a new love and understanding of Colour, which led me to explore and study the wonderful world of Aura-Soma, Colour Therapy for the Soul, qualifying in level One and Two. In 2002 my daughter and I spent three months in Hawaii.

Moved deeply by the Island and experiences with wild spinner dolphins I began to create these Circles. Since then we have returned to Hawaii twice,which empowered my work further. In 2005 we left our life in Glasgow,Scotland and spent three months living in Stanford, South Africa. Whilst there I created a collection of Circles inspired by 'Colourworks',now known as 'Colour Mirrors' and the beauty of South Africa.

We then moved to Farnham in Surrey, which is where we are now.


Robert Osborn and Marta Emitt

My first encounters with Tantra were through the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later called Osho). It was not until some fifteen years or so after my first experiences in Boulder that we discovered Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra as a practical path into tantra for Westerners, and joined the Sacred Couple Training that John Hawken and his former partner, Monika, then led together.

John Hawken's teaching has been inspirational, life-changing, for both of us. Tantra began to irradiate every corner of our lives -- not only our personal growth and our marriage, but every aspect of our working, teaching, writing, and family life. We later had the gift of an invitation to work at Hazel Hill Wood. Out of this has been born Celtic Tantra, a cycle of workshops in which we celebrate the eight gateways in the Celtic year -- from Samhain in the autumn to Lammas in the summer

We offer three kinds of workshop: our Awakening workshops for mixed and men and women single sex groups; the Couples' Tantra workshops, which reflect our own experience of a thirty year journey together as lovers, partners, healers, parents and friends; and the cycle of the Celtic Tantra workshops, in which we connect Tantra with our own native landscape , and own native traditions, "felt in the blood, and felt along the heart,". Our tools in all our work are a blend of meditation, dance, breathing, voicework, bodywork, massage, the creative therapies and the classic rituals of tantra.

Website: www.tantralaboratory.com/celtic.htm


Dan Jupp

Dan Jupp’s work is an exploration of the nuances and psyche. Like a surgeon’s scalpel, it cuts close to the one. If society is mirrored in art, audiences will find it difficult to attack the myopic images they see staring back at them. The work’s intention is to inspire and heal whilst causing a cauterising and purging effect on the viewer.

Dan was born and raised in Jamaica. He grew up in Bangladesh, Singapore and the UK and this nomadic gypsy lifestyle has made an impact on his perspectives of the world. He studied special effects at Wimbledon School of Art, London where he learnt his skills as a sculptor. He has had several successful showings of his sculptures and paintings with a number of private galleries.

As a practitioner of various types of yoga and meditation, and an avid reader of esoteric, Dan attempts to introduce ideas from Hinduism, mystical Christianity, Sufism, and Zen Buddhism into his art. His work derives from a deep psychological level that feeds a thirst for healing and growth.


David Ash

David Ash a spiritual scientist and singer song writer brought the Sacred Sabais into the West from Thailand.

A Sabai Blessing is a gift of spirit, a special opportunity to experience true peace. Sacred Sabais have arrived at this time to support the work of expanding consciousness by providing a simple and direct way to experience Divinity. The Sacred Sabais originated in Siam. They are simple and effective tools to help people connect to the Source. New to the West they provide a profound experience of peace by focusing the Love and Light in the heart. This may be enhanced with sacred songs, chants, mantras, affirmations or silent meditation.

Website: www.sacredsabais.com

Website: www.davidash.info


Leora Lightwoman MA (Oxon)

Leora Lightwoman trained has been facilitating Tantra workshops and sessions for couples and individuals since 1996. She originally trained with Margot Anand, and later developed her own school, Diamond Light Tantra. Leora's background is in academic psychology, meditation and yoga, body psychotherapy, sexual healing and couples' counselling. She is celebrated for the safe and conscious space that she holds, her lightness and groundedness, and her delight in supporting people in remembering their innocence and opening to the joy of their true potential. She is author of the book "Tantra - The Path to Blissful Sex" (Piatkus, 2004).

Website: www.diamondlighttantra.com


Katie Rose

Since childhood I have had many creative and spiritual experiences. My grandmother was deaf which gave me an understanding of the issues facing those with disabilities.

I have sung since I was a child, finding it the most direct way to connect spiritually. When I was 15, I had a vision to use the voice for healing.

My training includes: A Degree in Literature & Theatre Studies, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage and courses in Sound Healing. I have been honoured to train and work with many healers and artists - see the Friends Page.

The essence of my work is spontaneity - of creating a space where groups and individuals can access the freedom, creativity and innocence (inner sense) of their soul.

Whatever medium I work through the intention is always the same: to bring love, healing and transformation into areas where people are seeking change. I aim to hold a space and empower my clients to connect with their core energy. I am inspired, honored and humbled by their courage.

I have worked with individuals and groups at at exhibitions, clinics, festivals, schools, concerts, offices, residential homes. across the UK and internationally.

My vision is to create a multi-disciplinary centre for touch and sound therapies which is inclusive and accessible to those with special needs.

Website: www.therosewindow.org


Cate Mackenzie

My work is about love, the expression of love and the process of opening up to love and ultimately to the flow of life. I have worked in community arts for many years teaching movement, drama and art I learned that what was most important was love and connection to other people. I work in community settings predominantly with people with learning disabilities who seemed to understand this concept and have taught it to me. This has led me to running workshops and coaching people on opening the heart. Using art, movement and visualisation and painting hearts I am exploring the many aspects of love. Painting hearts for me is like saying a prayer. I joyfully open myself up to the energy of life to paint them and let them be created through me. They guide me and help me to remember that there is beauty and strength in being vulnerable and soft. I hope the heart paintings put a smile on people's faces and connect them to the love and creativity inside them.

My work now includes spreading love through my heart paintings, my open your heart workshops (for Alternatives - www.alternatives.org.uk", Mind Body Spirit Festival - www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk and Cortijo Romero - www.cortijo-romero.co.uk ), my community arts work (Bromley By Bow Centre - www.bbbc.org.uk , Antill Rd Day Centre www.thecamdensociety.co.uk , Barons Court Project - www.baronscourtproject.org ), my life coaching encouraging people to reach for their dreams and now my radio show "Love in the afternoon with Cate Mackenzie" on www.myspiritradio.com (this is a show looking at all aspects of love from self-love to meeting a partner and recycling). I am devoted to learning about love and how to heal myself and others. My dream is to put hearts everywhere and to spread the message of love.

Website: www.catemackenzie.com


Elahn Keshava and Radhe

Specialising in Bhakti Yoga and the art of kirtan (congregational devotional singing) they are devotees of Srila Narayana Maharaj. They aspire to simply share the beauty of devotional life, an ever deepening love affair between the Supreme and the devotee through the medium of music and storytelling in the Radha Krishna bhakti tradition.

Website: www.shekinashram.org


Nalini is a singer / songwriter, sound healer and linguist, proficient in 5 languages. After a near death experience in Mexico, Nalini realised the potential for her voice as a gateway for healing and now encourages others to express and heal themselves through discovering their true voice. Leading people into deep stillness and presence as well as ecstatic chant, Nalini's music has the power to touch hearts and catalyse transformation.

Now based back in UK, Nalini has, over the last ten years, been involved in ceremonial work at sacred sites in Asia and South America, including singing at the "Call of the Condor" Gathering in the Sacred Valley of the Inca and the "Harmonic Concordance" at Macchu Picchu. She undertook a shamanic apprenticeship in the Brazilian Amazon and studied with renowned curandero, Eduardo Morales in Tepotzlan, Mexico. She also joined a group of travelling troubadours, the Caravana Arco-Iris de la Paz' www.lacaravana.org in Chile. Where they brought music, theatre and circus skills to street kids. Plus she toured the West Coast of California with the Mystic Family Circus www.mysticfamilycircus.com

Nalini's experience and versatility has lent itself to a diverse range of vocal styles. Ranging from gypsy klezmer to dub ambient, Indian bhajans and Middle Eastern peace prayers, to songs to the Orixa and Native American earth chants, her music always invokes the Sacred. Collaborations have included work with Mieshanka, Orchid star, Akasha Rose and Solar Quest. In 2006 she founded the Sacred Sound Collective, a group of musicians holding the intention to bring healing through music www.myspace.com/thesacredsoundcollective . They offer peace concerts and sound journeys in churches, yoga retreats, satsang etc.

Through her work solo work and with Sacred Sound Collective Nalini invites you to journey deeply, through sound and prayer, creating within the listener an experience that can both uplift and transport to a profound space within.

Website: www.myspace.com/naliniblossom


Jewls Wingfield

Jewls Wingfield is the founder and director of Heart-Tantra. She has trained in a wide and diverse range of healing arts over the past 15 years both in the UK and internationally and is one of the UK's leading lights in Tantra and Sacred sexuality. Heart Tantra is a unique creation that is inspired and informed by the many training's that Jewls has embodied personally and professionally over the past 20 years. Jewls' background includes: Tantra and allied bodies of work related to sacred sexuality and conscious relationships, Shamanism, group, individual and couples therapy, various forms of Ecstatic dance & therapeutic movement practices, birth and regression work, NVC, drama therapy and psychodrama to name just a few. Jewls believes passionately that her own personal healing journey is the most powerful and essential tool that she brings to her work. This is the foundation from which she facilitates and she continues to grow and learn.

She is also an internationally acclaimed 'One World' music DJ and a holistic ceremonialist. She has her own private therapy practice for couples and for women. She has lived in a tipi, close to nature on and off for many years whilst being involved in environmental awareness campaigns. She brings to her work a rich alchemy of creativity, personal experience, playfulness and professional expertise. She is known for her warm, earthy sensuality, maverick humour and inspiring passion. Her integrity and generosity of heart creates a safe and healing space in which people from all walks of life work with her. She is a natural group leader and has a wide following here in the UK.

Website: www.heart-tantra.com


Ann Bengard

After travelling around south India in March 2008, Anne became fascinated by the numerous temples, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and how luxuriously and symbolically they are depicted in the art of those who worship them.

With this inspiration Anne started to create her own versions of some of the, most popular Hindu God’s and Goddesses, making them almost completely new characters.

They have a slightly dark, alternative, erotic twist, influenced by old and new skool tattoo art and Anne’s practice and interest in Japanese manga art, focusing on the type of work which combines the cute and grotesque. The stories behind some of the Hindu God’s and Goddesses are often quite grotesque themselves.

Anne currently studies BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins whilst also working as an artist.

Uta Demontis

Uta Demontis is a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor teaching the Taoist practices brought to the West by Taoist Master Mantak Chia. She teaches the practices in groups, workshops and private sessions.

Uta is a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner. She completed her training at the Zen School of Shiatsu and is a member of the Zen Shiatsu Society. She started her Shiatsu practice in 2006.

Having seen the importance of our mind in bringing about change and creating health and well-being has led Uta to study NLP and to become a certified Master Practitioner. She is a member of the Society of NLP.

Uta specialises in sexuality and women's health. She finds the Taoist practices, and in particular the Jade Egg practices, empowering and effective in helping women to find their own Way.

Website: www.manawa.co.uk

Hari Bhajan Kuar (Kwalilox)

I am a Snake charmer, vocalist, MC, Fire Eater, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Silt walker, Performance Artist, Cyber Burlesque Fairy... Presenting and tantalizing the audience with my sexy unique self created psychedelic hair. I work with, crystals, snakes, massage, Reiki, shamanic dance, and crystal skulls to project positive energies with transformative and healing vibrations onto the planet and my solar kin family. My appearance is a daily part of my spiritual practice, my dedicated devotion to the universe as a personal power projection of my internal world designed by my heart and hand to heal and inspire all who pass my path. It is my meditation and my medicine given as a gift from great spirit to help with the liberation of all beings throughout space and time. I follow the galactic dreamspell oracle and set my living co-ordinates by Gaias Thirteen moon cycle, helping my kin to understand the ancient Mayan calendars wisdom.

Website: www.kwalilox.net


Simone Kay

Simone Kay runs a successful stained glass studio in Kingston upon Thames and has a passion for face and body painting which she now shares with her daughter, Natalie Kay-Thatcher.

She has over twenty years of face and body painting experience and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to embellish people enhancing their natural beauty to make an occasion into a special occasion.

As well as making stained glass windows, Simone also produces a fully illustrated moon calendar every year with each page starting on the new moon; please contact her if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

Website: www.stainedglass-artists.co.uk


Gi Neve

Once asked to describe the artist, his father stated,,, "a pain in the arse who started rebelling at 14 and never stopped", a simple yet true statement. The surrealist artist Max Ernst once said "some artists are born to rebel" This fact is born out in Gi’s life and his art; a political, esoteric, fetish artist with wide ranging interests including, astronomy, geometry, ancient history and religions, quantum physics, UFOs and crop circles, Tibetan Buddhism; his list is endless. Of himself he says

“I'm an exhausted hedonist, a truth seeker, I want to understand everything ,my creations are attempts to understand the world and myself, the pursuit of knowledge of the inner and outer universe and all in between, everything inspires me. I want to help transform the consciousness of the world through my art.”

A reclusive individual, often creating, when relaxing, regularly spends time at the notorious Torture Garden club, life long friends and member of the inner sanctum, an inspirational heaven where he regularly contributes to the clubs installation and art, he is presently working on a sculpture for the Royal Academy summer show about the unification of opposites as the soul transmigrates through life, as yet untitled.


Vicky Lewis

Having worked in educational computing and multimedia design in higher education for many years Vicky is currently self-employed as a web-designer and complementary therapist. Since starting her training in Reiki in 1996 she has explored various forms of bodywork and movement (including Pulsing, Indian Head Massage, Thai Yoga, Reflexology,, Breathwork and Five Rhythms dance). She is fascinated with the way this kind of work can help people release old emotional patterns and connect with themselves in a more holistic way and believes that when this happens the person will always find profound joy at the deepest level.

She is also a lifelong ?treehugger?. Her work with affirmations and trees began whilst attending an inner child weekend where she connected with a beautiful copper beech and began creating artwork around that experience. It reminded her that as well as connecting with her body, mind and emotions, she also needed a daily connection with the natural world around her to feel whole.

In the spirit of exploration and celebration of the deep joy she experienced in connecting with nature she has created a oracle deck called ?Tree Affirmation Cards?. The process of creating the cards was in itself healing on many levels and an exercise in trust and faith and letting go and she very grateful that she is now able to share them with others.

Website: www.vickylewis.co.uk


Jan Day

Jan, who lives in England and/or Hawaii with her husband Frieder, has taught Art of Being® workshops extensively in Europe and the USA since 1999.
Her life and work have both been strongly influenced by her own experiences with The Art of Being®. The themes of sexual healing, self-acceptance, forgiveness and loving kindness are central to her life and work.

“I have been divorced and married. I have known the darkness of depression, the despair of great loss and the joy of finding my way home again. More than ever, I have seen the basic goodness of life and of people. Forgiveness, meditation, gratitude and the all-embracing life acceptance of Tantra are the core values of my life.”

Jan offers a range of Art of Being® workshops focussed on intimacy, sexuality, forgiveness, self-acceptance and life vision. Workshops are currently offered in England, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and occasionally in Hawaii.
Jan is a certified CTA coach and offers telephone sessions coaching individuals in finding their own art of being.

Website: www.janday.com



Erotic and acrobatic dancing from award winning performer, Harmony


Ingrid Fluorotrash

Sensuous sacred dancing from priestess of the Goddess, Ingrid.


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