London Festival of Tantra 2009

Dear Friends,

What awaits you at the London Festival of Tantra 2009?

The paradoxes of Love, which have been known down the ages, but learnt anew in the each moment of our daily lives.

Opportunities to de-stress; to unwind yourself and feel full of freedom and space.

Simple ways to immerse yourself in a feeling of Love, a feeling of wholeness and goodness, whilst waiting for a bus, or on the phone.

Through music and movement, you can experience the cleansing rush of energy through your body, as thrilling as your first kiss.

You can listen to ancient wisdom reinterpreted for your modern life, and take part in workshops, music, yoga and dance.

This is a nuturing day, one where you can play with images and ideas in the sacred space we create.

We are delighted you have come to join us at this year's festival to ask What is Love?

Our keynote international speaker from India, Maa Parvathi Nandanath Saraswati, will discuss the meaning of love from her perspective as one of the world’s foremost female Tantra Yoginis.

She is the heir and lineage holder of several profound streams of Kashmiri Shaivism and the Nath tradition going back to Matsyendranath, and the Kaula tradition.

She has studied and practised many other teachings including the Mishra and Samaya Tantras, the sadhana of the Ten Mahavidyas, and the practice of Shree Vidya.

Living a householder's life in the US and Italy as a mother and a yogini, integrating yoga practice into daily life has given Parvathi a unique perspective to share with us.

Other teachers exploring What is Love? at this years London Festival of Tantra include much beloved Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, well known for her teaching and books ‘Tantric Love’ and ‘Tantric Sex’; ever popular and passionate, Cate Mackenzie on becoming Love through the heart; ecstatic dance and tantra DJ, Jewls Wingfield will open our bodies through dance; Solara An Ra with a divine message on Love; Kip Moore from the USA on Ipsalu Kriya Yoga and Babaji’s Love; sacred geometry architect Christian Kyriacou will sound the divine harmonic note of Love – the Golden Mean; Marta Emitt & Robert Osborn will be connecting our Love of nature; Leora Lightwoman on the flow of sexual Love; Rita Hraiz on Love and the Christ Consciousness; Nalini in sacred song; Carolyn Williams and Lindel Graham offering Gaiadon Heart activations of the 33rd degree Aumkabar of Love; Bhakti Kirtan sung with Elahn Keshava and the singers of Shekinashram; The Tao of Love offered by Cathy Rowan and Uta Demontis.

Also; Sacred art by Gi Neve, Cate Mackenzie, Rita Hraiz, Dan Jupp, Heather Golding and Ann Bengard; Wedding Hall opened by Theresa Mathews and hosted by Paul Prem Pradip Khilas; Sacred Sabais with David Ash; Shiva–Shakti shrine with Erin Dixon & Adrian Bhatti; Meetings Without Masks with Jan Day; stalls, shrines, food by Inspiral Lounge; wisdom from the standing ones, Tree of Love; face and body painting by Simone Kay; Sacred Song with Heather Golding; Dancing from Ingrid and Harmony.

At the London Festival of Tantra 2009 there is lots for you to take away – simple tools to relax at work or an insight into a problem you have; striking images and ideas to play with; good food and smiling faces – whatever it is for you, we hope to see you on October 3rd at Chelsea Old Town Hall to ask What is Love?

Bernadette Vallely

Bernadette Vallely, Founder of The London Festival of Tantra

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